I vividly remember, as a high schooler, getting so involved in the story I was creating in my mind that I missed a house on my newspaper route. Imagine my chagrin when I had to backtrack to find out which house it was. Well, living in a small town of under 1,000 people made it pretty easy to figure out who wasn’t reading the paper with their morning cup of coffee. The townsfolk also knew where I lived, and who my dad was, so it was easy enough to get their missing paper. Life was simple in a town that small, and yet so complicated.

My level of ambition was high at that age, but my drive was low. I didn’t feel pushed or strongly encouraged to succeed. But what level of desire to reach a successful height did I have? Not much. I dabbled here and there, but never sought to prove myself. Never really tried anything outside of my comfort zone. I lived in my own little world, surrounded by siblings and a few friends. I was comfortable.

But God – He doesn’t call us to a life of comfort. He calls us to be bold in the faith, to reflect the light of Christ and be salt and light. I’ve heard it my whole life. I thought I believed it, pursued it. But I didn’t.

So now, 15 years later, I start.